Mar. 10th, 2012

dreadfulpenny: (Cooking)
There's been so ... MUCH happening to the people around me. Two semi-significant deaths occurred, plus a third that has made me think. My great grandmother passed away last night - no condolences needed, I barely knew her, and she did not treat my grandfather (her only son, I might point out) very well at all. As such, the rest of my family was not directly involved in her life. My grandfather is not taking the news well, but he is not well in general. I spoke with my father this morning. He and his brothers are supposed to be pall bearers for her funeral. My father said that the only reason he was doing it was for my grandfather's sake. Grandpa and Grandmama can't make it to the funeral due to health reasons. Grandpa's still on chemo.

Last week, the Mike half of KrisAndMike passed away. I am not terribly concerned about this one either. The two of them treated me terribly, not to mention their utterly horrible treatment of [ profile] kosmickway. Out of respect, I hope that he finally finds peace, and that she doesn't suffer too much now. In a way it's like that hateful, turbulent chapter of my life is finally, finally closed.

Then there was the wife of a friend of a friend. I'm not close to the widower at all, but her death has been thought provoking. What would happen to J. if I were to meet a similar fate? He's nowhere near as resilient as the FoF is. What would happen to ME if something were to happen to him? It's all a bit troubling.

And now...NOW, Jay has some kind of stomach flu now, plus he's recovering from his procedure, and it's just been a long, rough week. I'm doing the best I can to bite my tongue and be patient, but it's hard. The only time I came close to losing my temper was a little while ago when I stubbed my toe in the kitchen. This led to my already fragile husband getting upset because I was hurt and there wasn't anything he could do. Poor kid. He had a fever all day yesterday and it broke some time last night. He's still very much not himself at all.

So, today's going to be quiet. I was originally scheduled to work, but J. was so sick that I traded to have the day off, giving up my birthday three-day weekend in the process. Last night I was kind of irritated because Jay seemed to be feeling so much better, but this morning he was still not well enough to be left alone. So I suppose it's a good thing that it worked out this way. I'm working on cleaning up the house (a huge job - it's been virtually untouched since Tuesday). I'm also getting to do some actual cooking (beef roast in the slow cooker) and cook some beef stock from bones that I picked up at the grocery store the other day. That's a plus. I'm still a bit dismayed at having to work on my birthday now, but as I'm so fond of saying, everything happens for a reason.

Happy weekend.

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