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Jun. 14th, 2010 11:26 pm
dreadfulpenny: (Badass)
Today was my second ever outing on roller blades.

I used to roller skate, pre-high school. I kinda quit for good after the time that I tried to skate down the neighbor's (unpaved) driveway and ended up falling, hurting my hand, and ending up with a trip to the hospital to have it looked at, as I hadn't had a tetanus booster in several years.

I take it back. I went on a few church skate trips after high school started. Not many, but enough.

I've also been ice skating a few times. That was something that was fun when I was wee, but much less fun when I attempted it again in college. My center of balance shifted and I lost a LOT of confidence in many other areas. Anyone who has ever ice skated before can confirm this: confidence is the key to success when you are gliding around on ice on what amounts to a rather thick butter knife.

So anyway, roller blades. Sunday afternoon, J. and I were just hanging around the house, talking quietly post-argument. We were back on good terms, and everything was calm again. He said "OK, let's go get you some roller blades." J. used to roller blade when he was much younger. He recently decided to get back into it. He ordered some skates for himself and thought that they would be in Monday (today), and he wanted me to get a pair of skates so that we could go skating in the park together. We headed out to one of the sports megastores so that I could look around. I found one pair that I liked immediately. It was black with hot pink accents. J. even liked the way it looked. I tried them on and was able to get up and skate around the aisle without any problems. Just for comparison's sake, J had me try on a second, less attractive pair. I ended up liking the feel of them a lot more than the black and pink pair. The second pair, despite being a rather bland gray and sky blue, is better put together and more comfortable. So we bought those. I picked out two new sets of workout clothes, and we called it done.

We came home and rested for a little while before venturing out into the heat again (Texas heat is BRUTAL). I was so excited that I practically bounced down to the truck. We ended up in a Lowe's parking lot directly across the street from the opening to the park that we were going to.

Lesson one: skating on a parking lot is very different from skating on smooth, perfect linoleum. Also, the parking lot wasn't 100% level, either.

I figured that once I got to the trails, I'd be fine. And I was, in a way. There was a small hill that absolutely terrified me. J. (only slightly mockingly) offered to let me take his bike down the hill. So I did. I skated back and forth short lengths. I couldn't go far before I had to stop and rest. You use so many different muscles trying to stay balanced. A LOT of those muscles of mine hadn't been used in years. My feet and ankles ached terribly after short distances. But I did ok, and I had fun. I was so tired. My heart pounded like I'd been running. I was covered with sweat.

We went back out tonight, for about forty five minutes. We found out that J's skates won't be in for another nine or ten days. Good for me, as I get more time to practice with J. coaching me. Anyway. It was after nine by the time we arrived at the area that I skated tonight. There was a flat area of sidewalk between two bridges (part of the same trail system that we were skating on yesterday). I skated to one bridge, haltingly and awkwardly, turned around and skated to the other bridge. I had to sit down when I got there. J. followed and sat down with me. He explained what I should do if I started to fall. I listened and it was a good thing. On my way back to the other bridge, I ended up skating into a dip that I had been previously unaware of. And I fell. I twisted my knee. I didn't break the skin, but there was some pain. J. was there right away, of course. He removed my skate and made me wiggle my toes before handing me my sock and asking me if I wanted to try again. I really, really didn't. Nevertheless, after another moment, the endorphins came singing into my blood and suddenly, I didn't hurt anymore. I got up and did it again. Back and forth, three or four more times (and it was a lot). I fell once more. I started getting tired. I nearly fell a third time on my last trip up the largest incline because I was so exhausted. But I made it. I turned around, sat down and ended up just laying on the large board bridge and looking up at the lovely night sky. After a few moments my breath calmed down, I pulled myself up, and started the trip down. I made it. I almost fell a final time on my way to the truck, just from sheer exhaustion.

I like it. It's a lot of exercise, what with all the balancing that goes on, and it doesn't cause the same problems that jogging or even just walking does. And it's fun.

And now, after a shower and some flat cranberry limeade, I have earned ice cream and a pretty IMAX movie about the ocean. Good night all!

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