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I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Rolled over and cuddled with the husbeast for a while. We were up by 5. I started working on pumpkin pies and came to the conclusion that I was, in fact, going to need that evaporated milk after all (I was going to make do, but decided not to risk it my first time out -- I've never made pumpkin pie before). So we trotted off to WalMart and came home with the cow juice and the other assorted items that I decided that I wanted. Came home, fumbled my way through making pie filling (was pretty tired, and not functioning all that well) whilst J. threw together breakfast (which we still haven't eaten as of 9:00). Put the pies in the oven, napped for a few minutes, showered and sat down to use up my share of the internets. I'm getting ready to get up from the couch to go eat breakfast and have coffee (so that I can function). Then it will be time to start peeling carrots, grating cheese, scrubbing potatoes and doing whatever the hell it is that you do with green bean casserole. My contributions to the feast today: brown sugar glazed carrots, cheddar cheese mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and the aforementioned pumpkin pie.

This weekend we're having Thanksgiving part II, since J's grandmother decided to have an attitude about cooking turkey. Soooo, this weekend, smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and sweet potatoes. Possibly gravy, if I can figure out the logistics of making turkey gravy. I think broth gets involved, I'm not sure.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this. May you have a blessed day filled with love and warmth. I am thankful for the opportunity to peer into all of your lives through the windows that you write.

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