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Christmas proved to be a thousand times better than Thanksgiving as far as the Family Get Together went. I did not go into details and possibly will not because I am now considering writing all of these things down and publishing them someday. (I shall call my memoirs "Coffee From a Hat and Burros On The Freeway" after the most ridiculous things that I have (as of now) seen here in Texas.) It's been trying in a lot of other ways that I don't care to get into. I've been trying hard to make the best of things - I don't have a tree up, but I do have a few decorations (including a Christmas gerbil, a pirate nutcracker and a small replica of the Major Award from A CHRISTMAS STORY). I didn't get to watch A CHRISTMAS STORY, but I did get A MUPPET FAMILY CHRISTMAS. No pumpkin pie or gingerbread, but I'm thinking about doing up some chocolate mug cake and having that with peppermint ice cream.

The cherry on top is the fact that poor J seems to be coming down with a cold. I am honestly surprised that he didn't get sick sooner, but I can't say that I'm happy to see this happening. Poor thing. He slept most of the day - didn't wake up until 10:30, when I brought in sweet rolls and coffee for breakfast, fell asleep at his mother's house during the gift-unwrapping (which we weren't taking part in anyway due to a number of reasons...BOOK FODDER!), and then just got up from a nap not quite an hour ago.

We lunched with J's mother and grandparents earlier (ham and etc). We just got finished with dinner...brisket (slow cooked in the crock pot with Jack Daniels, veggie broth and a few dashes of green Tabasco sauce) with carrots, potatoes and onions (which didn't quite cook right for some reason - the potatoes were especially not-good). I made some brown gravy with the liquid from the crock pot (should have skimmed it first) and some biscuits from a can. Not bad. J wasn't a fan of the brisket's texture. This is unfortunate because we have several more packets of it in the freezer. I'll play with it and see if I can't figure out a different way to do it. From now on I'm pretty sure that we're going to have pesto pizza for Christmas dinner. Too much effort to do much of anything else.

Now, we're watching DEXTER and using up our internets. I cleaned out my Kindle (deleting things that I didn't need to carry around on the device at all times) and played Cityville (my new internet crack that I only play once a day because I am being good). I'm skimming through my Amazon wishlists to try and find something that I want (Da Boss gave me an Amazon gift card). It's a nice, calm evening even though my head is trying to hurt.

Ok. Chocolate cake now.

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