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Delicious cake and pizza for me )
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Happy 29th to me.

1) Slept late (as I have been for the last few days ... vacation is a beautiful thing)

2) Sushi for lunch (though technically it was breakfast, even though it was being eaten at 1:30 ... and was grocery store sushi, alas!)

3) Parked on the couch for the last two hours finishing WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE by Kim Harrison. Now, the agonizing what-to-read-next part. Move on to BLACK MAGIC SANCTION (the book that follows WW,BC) start ROSEMARY AND RUE, finish something that I've started and not finished, something entirely different? Who knows. Maybe I'll write the titles down on slips of paper and draw one out of a hat.

Still to come:

Delicious cake, delicious pesto pizza for dinner, a movie of my choice (or maybe TV...maybe I'll introduce Jonathan to Buffy), and who knows what other fun and games that we'll get into before midnight strikes.

It's been so quiet today and for the last three days. I took a vacation from work (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) because I needed to rest and recharge. I think that I may have accomplished that task. I really do feel better than I have in a while. It's either because I've been applying words as needed, or because I've caught up on my sleep. I'm not complaining. It's been fantastic.

Love and cupcakes to everyone. I hope that your day has been just as happy as mine!

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