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I live!

Despite appearances, I truly am making an effort to return to long-form blogging. I appreciate Facebook and Twitter for what they are, but it doesn't satisfy any sort of desire to speak into the void in the way that blogging does. I don't know how many people are left here in the once-great halls of the LiveJournal but I'm attempting to keep my light on here.

There was an incredibly interesting visit from an old friend not long ago - I'm not sure that the light is on at HIR booth these days, but if so, hello, old friend. Suffice to say that this visit was incredibly illuminating and I will happily move through the rest of my life with the beautiful lessons that I learned. Mostly, I learned to embrace the good friends that I have, to be thankful and grateful that I have found good people in this life to spend my time with. It also reenforced the idea of just how important it is to shake off useless people who do nothing but take and attempt to drag others down.

I also learned that the shrewd individuals on the carnival circuit have finally given in and allowed in a vendor that will sell you THE EXACT SAME toys that you can win at the game booths for a much better price. It's ingenious, really. A different friend wanted to win one of the giant stuffed Minions. He ended up spending $50. The same Minion sells at the toy tent for, I believe, $35 or $40. Absolutely ingenious.

The fair is in town. It has brought up the reminder of how deeply I love amusement parks and carnivals. Wandering around (especially at night) and taking in all of the lights, sounds and scents is one of my favorite things. I can't ride any of the rides at this point in my life but I still love to see them all lit up. Also, funnel cake. This year I've partaken in a pumpkin spice funnel cake (which was decadent and amazing) and a red velvet funnel cake (which is my new favorite forever). There are even modern-day snake oil vendors displaying their wondrous wares. This one cures headaches! This one cures back-aches! Local churches have sent representatives to offer free DVDs of Bible stories and to invite you to join their flocks.

There's even a booth with World's Tiniest Horse. For two dollars, you can take a peek.

I really love it.
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