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Why yes, I did stay in bed for around twelve hours. And yes, it was lovely. I've been so woefully underslept lately that I could not bring myself to care that I was, in essence, sleeping away a good portion of my only day off in the last ten. After I finally extracted myself from my bed's loving embrace, I worked on cleaning up the kitchen, brewed some coffee and made breakfast (which should have been referred to as lunch, given the hour that it was being created). It was blissful.

Speaking of blissful, I have three beautiful dogs passed out all around me. The biggest has taken over the largest throw pillow, the other two are cuddled up on either side of me. One of them is snoring. Vivi (the middle pup) is clutching her rawhide between her paws. If the light were better, I'd photograph it to memorialize the absurd cuteness of the moment.
I put the laptop down and went for a walk after I wrote that last sentence. I was outside for approximately thirty minutes in the 90+ degree weather. Sunshine, fresh air, exercise...it was good for me. I keep telling myself that anyway. It's hours later (almost five exactly) and I feel like I've been wrung out. Literally. I know that this is a side-effect of a mostly sedentary life and that if I continue to work on it, it will get easier (except for the temperature - that's not going anywhere for at least two more months). It's difficult to keep reminding myself of that fact.
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