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MIL: Dillard's is running a promotion right now where you receive a scratch-off card in return for trying on a pair of [some brand] shoes. You can get ten, twenty or even fifty dollars off a pair of shoes.

ME: Great!

MIL: Do you think that you and J. might be going to the mall tomorrow? Because if you are, would you mind going by Dillard's and trying on a pair of shoes? I found a pair that I really want, but I can't get them unless I get the fifty dollar coupon. When I went I got a twenty dollar coupon. [Goes on to outline her plan to take some coworkers to the mall to get them to try on shoes in an attempt to get a fifty dollar coupon for herself.]

Why yes. She really *DOES* believe that somebody will give her this coupon. It never even occurred to her for one moment that if J. or I (or any of her friends for that matter) actually get this $50 bonus that we'd, you know, use it ourselves?

Date: 2012-05-20 05:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] thasimp.livejournal.com
What a cow!! my MIL is one too... ugh!

Date: 2012-05-21 10:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cissa.livejournal.com
A $20 coupon sounds pretty decent to me...

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