Jun. 1st, 2015

Go Time

Jun. 1st, 2015 11:14 am
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In the past few days I've done the following:

1) organize (sort of) Book Mountain on my bedside table, pulling all of my writing-related books out to form a separate stack

2) started studying those writing-related books

3) purchased and installed Scrivener on my laptop

4) converted all existing writing projects and files into Scrivener

5) started researching pen names

In short, I'm getting serious about writing. I've been wistfully thinking about how much I want to be a writer. And then I go spend time working on whatever fiction project or project-related thing that I happen to have at hand at the time. Here's the thing: a very dear friend of mine gave me a gentle, mental shake earlier this year when we attended a convention together. I don't remember the context or the conversation, but she basically looked me in the eye and said "You write; you're a writer." I've been taking one baby step at a time since then to try to bring myself up and into this state of mind.

I have a terrible, horrible complex about myself. I've had mixed results in my various goals in the past. I've grown enough to admit that some of those goals just weren't within my grasp for different reasons. I truly am my own worst enemy. I'm working hard to move past that now. I have a lovely spouse who really is my biggest cheerleader. Case in point: I told him, rather shyly, that I had purchased my new word processor. His response: "Awesome! Took you long enough!" Another example: Saturday night, after we came home from seeing a movie, he came upstairs and found me studying the Seton Hill writers' guidebook, Many Genres, One Craft. Upon me telling him that I was studying, he said "Thank you." He then went on to say that he was proud of me for finally devoting real time to pursuing my dream.

So that's where I am right now. I don't have a finished manuscript. I have maybe a dozen projects. I'm pondering a new project even as we speak. Point is, I'm finally starting to take myself actually, truly seriously and it feels good.

Part of me taking myself seriously, however, is getting back into the swing of things with a blog. Again, baby steps. I'm starting here. I can do this.

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