Oct. 28th, 2014

dreadfulpenny: (Witch?)
I am sorely tempted to skip today, but I'm more determined to succeed in my reentry to journaling/blogging than I am exhausted (and I'm pretty exhausted today).

This evening saw Husband and I revert to being utter children and having what amounts to nachos and grown up Lunchables for dinner. I was too worn out to cook, he's not much of a cook, and so we foraged in the kitchen for leftovers. Due to my recent habit of eating healthier, the nonmeal was not my friend. I got over my queasiness a little while ago. It's kind of amazing how quickly our bodies adjust to cleaner eating and how upset they become when you fall off the wagon.

I've had to make some tough decisions lately. I'm not going to go into one at the moment, as it involves other people and I'm not in the habit of airing my dirty laundry to the public. The other is a decision that I'm still working on and involves my job and a possible opportunity that may be coming up to sidestep into a different section of my current field. It would mean a (possibly significant) cut in pay and increase drive time, but it would be a different setting and give me the opportunity to get some clinical experience under my belt. There are some positives to it: "business" hours, no holidays, no weekends, no working til 10 at night (a big plus - wow, I'm getting old), relaxed dress code, and I'd be working with one of my best friends. What's not to like about that?

Good night Neverland Livejournal.

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