Apr. 8th, 2012

dreadfulpenny: (WanderedOn)
Tonight, my Devil-darling posted about Sean Stewart's Mockingbird in her book blog. It made me start to think just a bit. I haven't read the book, but per Devil's review, the author seems to do a magnificent job with the setting (Houston, TX). I want to read it now - I am becoming fond of my adopted state, even as I think that perhaps I might not be staying here. I seem to have adopted a sort of gypsy lifestyle since I finished high school. I didn't mean to. It just makes me realize that I have lived in three states (three and a half, in some way - coastal Virginia is very different from hill country Virginia). I don't know what state I will ultimately choose as my own. I can safely lay claim to Virginia, but I'm not sure how much I miss it. I loved and hated Florida at once (and I miss the sushi so badly that it makes the back of my throat ache when I truly crave it). Texas is growing on me, even as certain aspects just make me tired and a little angry. I wonder if I will ever truly know a place intimately enough to capture it properly on paper.

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