Jan. 6th, 2012

dreadfulpenny: (Funny World)

The first day of vacation, my true love gave to meeeeee!

A breakfast picnic in the back yard!


Yes, today marks the first real vacation that I've had in far, far, FAR too long. I can't remember the last time that I took a long vacation and didn't have plans. I even went places on my short vacations last year (I spent a few memorable days in Florida in the spring and we went camping in August). We aren't planning to go anywhere. I'm using this opportunity to stay home, organize my home and rest up. I have had very little mental or emotional energy of late, and it's far past time to recharge. I may even get a chance to socialize a bit. I have probable plans with a friend on Tuesday evening and another potential good friend has made noises about going to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soonish (she wants to finish the book first). My main goal is to catch up on things.

First, I started by catching up with cleaning the house a bit. I mopped the front hallway this morning (using a white vinegar solution, because I am a good hippy Earth mother sometimes). Then I went out and swept the patio. It's become a haven for dead leaves. Texas, you see, experiences fall just like everyone else, only it usually happens three or four months after everybody else. So our leaves are falling and the trees are giving up nuts and etc. This means that our patio was taken over by dead leaves and sticks. J. has been fighting the big fight to keep it clean, but he was still snoozing. I decided to take advantage of the absolutely beautiful day (it's 71 degrees right now!) and work on the sweeping myself. It's a fruitless, pointless task, I won't lie. As soon as a bundle of leaves went into the rubbish bin, another batch would come sweeping down the formerly clean area and invade the corners that I had just finished cleaning out. It was good exercise in perfect, sunny weather though, and I really enjoyed it. Plus the puppy got a chance to frolic outside at her leisure. Good, happy music, sunshine, a breeze, a joyful puppy...all perfect.

It was all capped by a lovely breakfast picnic with my love. I wasn't quite truthful in my "First Day of Vacation" song. I went and picked up the doughnuts and croissants this morning myself. But it works in the context of the song.

Anyway, on with my catching up project. I've been catching up on my reading. I finally got into The Hunger Games, and it was amazing. It's not the best-written book or the most original plot ever, but it sucked me right in. I haven't been so engaged and interested in a book in ages. Years, maybe. I'm plowing right along through the second book, too. It's just as good, but I'm starting to get that distraction that always sets in when I get to the end of an excellent reading/viewing experience. I believe that I subconsciously do not want the experience to end, so I end up setting the book aside and going on to other things. I am always so reluctant to finish a series, because it means leaving that place. I can never read it for the first time ever, ever again. The most memorable example of this was when I was reading Robin Hobb's original Farseer sequence. I was on the third trilogy, the "Fool" books, and by the time I was nearly finished with the third book in that trilogy, I knew it was almost over. So I didn't finish it for three months. I did the same thing with Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind. I didn't finish it until the sequel was finally published last year. I'm trying to avoid my bad habit this year and actually finish a book from start to finish, reading nothing else in the meantime. This is something that I haven't done for years. I'm hoping it works.

And that's it for me for now. I leave you with one of my favorite songs of the moment, by an excellent band out of DFW, Air Review.

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